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That's Me


Steve, born in 1972, moved to Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine Westphalia, in 2008.
For more than 30 years, sometimes bumpy and rocky, I have been expanding my expertise in real estate, sales, and communication. Starting as a driving instructor, IT project manager and real estate expert, I decided in 2018 to continue my career in sales, from classic tele sales to face-to-face sales. Among my clients were classic coaches and corporates professionals. In contrast to many other consultants, my professional career did not start as a "coach", "expert" or "entrepreneur". Driven by my passion and through constant training in the areas of acquisition, presentation, and negotiation, I developed a reputation as an expert. Without a doubt, my positive aura and my work as a driving instructor are decisive for my success, through which I have learned to analyze people for 25 years. The immediate recognition of the respective type of person is a basis for a trustworthy client realtionship.
With this knowledge and passion for sales, I founded the agency SteveB2B in 2022 to continue my mission. Since then, as an operational sales manager, I have been helping fast-growing, medium-sized companies to set up and expand.

  • Strategic Consultant
  • Sales Specialist
  • Real Estate Expert

I've never been able to resist a challenge where the odds of success were slim and I could prove them wrong.

– Richard Branson