Need for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been changing sales for several years. A look back at an analogue sales world shows how many changes there have been as a result of technological advances. Selling has become much more complex and is increasingly done in teams. Instead of mere information about products and prices, customers today expect relevant added value before making contact. Customers have access to more information and exchange opportunities than ever before through business networks, blogs, white papers, product videos and comparison portals. The Corona crisis acts like a catalyst here and accelerates the trend for digital, customer-centric sales approaches at turbo speed.

To overcome these bottlenecks, I offer entrepreneurs professional sales services to increase their sales.





We turn prospects into customers and customers into fans. We look after your customers holistically, solve problems and inform you about new products.

This strengthens customer loyalty and initiates new sales. Acquiring new customers is the second major task of inside sales: we generate leads and develop them further. The decisive factor is that we address prospective customers at the right time with relevant content in the purchase decision and achieve the desired goal in a structured closed-loop process: more sales. We contact decision-makers by telephone in order to place and sell your product. Direct, smart, individual and strong in closing. Irrespective of whether this is already possible with the first contact, or initially to qualify sales-relevant information. We always have the most direct and effective way to a successful conclusion in mind.



Customer acquisition does not only mean acquiring new customers and generating leads. Have you ever considered or even measured how many more sales you can achieve with cross and upselling measures?

That is a lot and can be proven in numbers. With cross- and upselling, you can significantly increase your sales success through existing customers alone. Steve ensures that your existing customers are continuously provided with new offers and exclusive information - by telephone, newsletter or social media. Customer care is a strategic matter that can be planned and implemented in a targeted manner - contact me, that's the first step to a safe increase in sales!







Unfortunately, marketing is still underestimated by many and is only understood as a discipline that deals with the production of advertising or promotional materials.

While this is partly true, it plays only a minor role in the choice of communication tools within communication policy. Rather, marketing means a holistic alignment of all activities of a company to the needs of the market. Do you know your market? I will help you to position your company correctly and to differentiate yourself from your competition. I am also happy to advise you when it comes to selling solutions and not products.



When creating websites, we rely on the open-source software WordPress. This is one of the most widespread content management systems.

It is characterized by intuitive and easy handling and is continuously being further developed and optimized. Expandable functions (plug-ins) allow websites to be expanded individually and to meet the needs of the user. Your own sales department does not always have enough time for all important customers and tasks. After thorough product training, SteveB2B will take care of your business and private customers. And ensure that your relationships are long-term and reliable.







It always happens: In your sales area, for example, a sales manager is absent at short notice and the region remains vacant.

Maybe even for several months. With our sales consultants in the field, we provide prompt and flexible sales support.




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